So you’ve spent all this time on a lengthier piece of content — a guide or a worksheet — and you are now ready to get it out into the world. Downloads are a great way to build your email list, but as you’ll quickly learn, just putting it up on your website isn’t necessarily enough.

Fortunately there are some simple ways you can create a promotional campaign around your piece without putting in much additional work.

Here’s what we recommend…

1. Give it a Home with a Landing Page

Your first step is giving our piece a proper home on your website by creating a download landing page for your piece. This is a page that gives a little preview, with a simple form for download. Include a request for the information you find most useful like name, company and email address. As a bonus you can add an option to subscribe to your newsletter. You’ll be able to link to this page from other types of promotion like social and email.

2. Feature calls to action on your website.

Call attention to the piece on your site so your landing page doesn’t end up collecting dust. Add a call to action for the download in the sidebar of your blog, or even feature it on your homepage for a month.

3. Create an Image for Social Media Posts

You should promote your piece on social media no matter what, but having an image can help make it more noticeable in your followers’ feeds. You don’t even need to be a designer to produce something nice. Use a free online program like Fotor or Canva to add promotional text over an engaging image. Psst…the image for this post was made using Canva!

4. Use the right Hashtags when Promoting

Hashtags can help people find your piece who are not your followers. Search Twitter for any relevant industry hashtags that can help your post be seen by the right people.

5. Promote it Via Email

Though your main goal may be collecting new contacts, you can still use the download to nurture and engage current subscribers. Create an email just for this campaign, or include a simple call to action as part of your regular emails.

6. Recycle it by Promoting it over Time

Don’t make this a once and done campaign. Keep promoting it online over time to build more traffic to your site and hopefully continue to collect new contacts. An easy way to do this is to schedule social media posts months in advance using Hootsuite or Buffer.

The great thing about all these ideas, is that none are terribly time consuming. And even if you do just one or two of them, you’ll already see better results than just posting it to your blog. Have you run a download campaign before? Was it a success? Let us know in the comments!

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