6 Tips to be a Pinterest Power User

By: Jake

If you’ve been following our blog, you now know that Pinterest is the next big thing in social media marketing. If you missed it, check out our post on Getting on the Pinterest Bandwagon. This week, we’re going to delve a little deeper, looking at some specific tips for conquering the Pinterest crowd like you’re Conan the Barbarian.

    • Think Like a Girl
    • Ok, we don’t want to be sexist, but at last count nearly 70% of Pinterest users were female. (Check out some more Pinterest demographics.) It might have something to do with the fact that women are natural gatherers (of awesome images). Do your images appeal to women? Consider consulting one.
    • Make Your Images Tall
    • According to this infographic, taller images are statistically more pinnable than short ones. Better take that panoramic shot vertically, compadre.
    • Keep Captions Short
    • The same study found that Pinterest captions are best kept short. Images were found most shareable when their captions were limited to around 200 words. So let the images speak for themselves.
    • Use Infographics (Duh)
    • If you haven’t noticed yet, we refer to infographics all the time (seriously, look above). Infographics are the perfect combination of useful info and visual cool. Can’t get enough? Visit an infographics-only Pinterest.
    • Make Multiple Boards
    • Pinterest can be compiled quickly and devoured just as fast by rabid fans. Don’t stick with the same old Pinterest board. Have everyone on your team make a board to convey their unique personality. Make a board uniquely composed of shots of your business mascot. Make September “Green Month” and make a board about it.
    • Get the Customer Involved
    • If you sell a product, start a contest that asks customers to take a unique picture with it (remember when “planking” got big?). Put the best pics on the Pinterest board. If you’re lucky, you can get customers will fight for your attention.

And there you have it. Keep these things in mind to get your company on the fast-track to becoming a Pinterest Power User!

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