8 Tools & Apps to Create Video for Content Marketing on The Fly

By: Marcel

Best for: Shooting Video

Your Native Phone App

Have you jumped on the video marketing bandwagon yet? As we’ve tried to show you in the past, it’s easy to get started creating some basic video content for your brand. If you’re eager to get started but still not sure how to put it all together, here are a slew of new tools to let you create better video content on the fly.

While some specialized apps exist, capturing the video itself is best left to the default app on your phone, so you can stop messing with settings and just focus on getting the right take.

If you do feel like messing around with things like frame rates and aspect ratios, MoviePro is a great app to try.  

Best for: Enhancing Video


This app is great for adding some special effects to your clips, from the subtle to the more extreme. Want to make your video look like 70’s grainy footage, or give it a cool, blue hue? Videohance does it all.

Best for: Editing Video


There are a lot of apps that do this, but if you have an iPhone, you’d really be hard-pressed to find a simpler and more functional tool than iMovie. It’s also free. Finally, because it’s supported by Apple, it will likely be around for a while, so it’s safe to invest your time in learning it.

Best for: Livestreaming an Event

Facebook Live

Livestreaming things well is already challenging, so there’s no reason to overcomplicate things. If you have an exciting event you want to livestream, FB Live is the most simple and reliable platform you can use.

If you have a more thorough setup with multiple cameras, microphones, etc., Telestream is a simplified live production tool that lets you easily capture these multiple feeds in your livestream.

Best for: Animations


Sometimes you’ll want to shake up your video content with something different. Vyond makes it pretty easy to create animations that are slick and look professionally produced. The pricing is also reasonable for what you get.

Best for: Montage/Trailers


This is a great tool for all those times when you don’t actually have the resources to shoot a scene, but still want the same effect. Promo gives you a library of video clips and music that you can then overlay with text of your own choosing.

Best for: Video Metrics

Google Analytics

That’s right, our favorite web analytics tool can help you in the video arena as well. When you upload your videos to Youtube, make sure you add your Youtube account to your analytics account. From there, you’ll be able to see a variety of metrics such as referrer sources, audience demographics, and others.

Still feel like you need some direction on your video marketing? Sometimes it’s best to work with a professional, or look into some more serious online help at places like Lynda.com. People like us can also help you figure out what to do with your videos after you shoot them!  Reach out to us if you’re looking for the help!

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