Once you’ve spent the time to come up with a unique brand for your small business that will resonate with your potential customers, it’s time to set the wheels in motion and put that brand out there for your adoring fans to see. This week, we’ll address the first two promotional materials your small business brand needs, the logo and the slogan.


It is an unspoken rule that you will need a logo for your business. A good logo allows people to know your brand instantly, without having to labor at reading anything. It will anchor the upper left corner of your website and appear on everything from business cards to promo materials to your actual products. Your logo should represent your company’s brand accurately — are you wacky good fun, or stodgy and reliable?
Now, a lot of people think they’ve got a little Da Vinci in them and attempt to draw the logo themselves, but we would advise you leave your logo to a professional (that doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with your ideas and suggestions). A bad, or even mediocre logo, is spotted instantly, while great logos practically sell product themselves. With so many graphic designers looking for work out there, your logo cost should be more than manageable. It will be the small money you ever spent.


In our modern world, company slogans, or catchphrases, have become increasingly important. As we’ve discussed previously, Internet users spend mere seconds on a website before surfing on. If you can’t convey your message in 10 seconds or less, your conversion rates might suffer. The importance of slogans has been been formalized by the WordPress, which automatically inserts the now famous slogan “Just another WordPress blog” at the top of newly created blogs, as a placeholder to encourage slogan creation and use.
The slogan is an ideal way to tackle the Internet ADD phenomenon, because it summarizes your small business in exactly 2 seconds. Take us, for example. Now, we’ve been know to go off the rails sometimes, but our slogan is “Developing your online presence.” That unquestionably describes what we do. It’s brevity conveys confidence. It’s a good slogan, if we do say so ourselves.
When you’re trying to think of yours, put yourself in a mental situation in which you have to explain what your business to someone in under 5 seconds. Come up with a list of potentials, and vet them with the help of employees and friends.
The logo and the slogan are the two fundamentals of your small business brand. Make them good, because once they’re made you probably won’t want to redesign, so they will be around for as long as your business is (hopefully, a long time)!
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