Every website has a lifespan, and whether it’s your very first site or a rebuild of an existing one, sooner or later you’ll find yourself faced with the decision of which website platform to go with for your new site.
Over the past few years a number of new website platforms have come up, and these options are a boon to small businesses, though the few extra choices also occasionally lead to choice anxiety.
When choosing a website platform, there are four factors to consider: convenience, speed, cost, and customization. All the options that are out there combine these aspects in various ways. And, of course, because this is the real world, you can’t get all four at the same time. Something has to give.

You value: Fast, Easy, and Cheap

Your choice: Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly
These three vendors have quickly become some of the popular website building platforms out there, and with good reason. They give businesses who need a very basic website the option to put one together without any formal knowledge of web design. The costs are also very reasonable, unless you need unique features like e-commerce. for which the monthly cost goes up.
What you give up: Some customization is available via a drag-and-drop editor, but you’re still restricted by the themes these platforms have available.

You value: Cheap and Unique

Your choice: WordPress, and build it yourself
The only way to get a website that’s truly customized and cheap is to choose a flexible platform, like WordPress, and then learn some web design skills yourself.
What you’re giving up: Speed, because you have to learn how to design for WordPress, and much of the learning tends to happen through trial and error.
The speed with which your site is built and the cost varies depending on your needs. If you’re able to use third party WordPress plugins for custom functionality, a lot of the time you can get a site up and going relatively quickly. More customization obviously means more time, both for learning how to implement the functionality and for the actual work on the site.

You value: Easy, Fast, and Unique:

Your choice: WordPress, and hire a design firm
If you’re too busy running your own business to learn web design on your own, and also need something that is more unique and customized than what the standard platforms can give you, your best bet is to invest the funds to hire an expert.
What you lose: Money, but if you really care about having the process be easy, fast, and unique, the end product is not possible via any other means. And, ultimately your website should provide a return to your business similar to your storefront appearance or any other means of advertising.
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