We don’t often appreciate just how much the modern era demands from business owners. These days, having an interesting blog that engages readers is a must for success in many industries.
What if you’ve tried to run a blog but you’re just not getting the traction you’re looking for? Whether your blog was initially successful but now has plateaued, or you can’t seem to get out of the gate at all, here are five things you should look into addressing to improve your chances of success.

1. You have no idea what your audience wants to read.

If you write on a particular topic, you probably know pretty well what your audience wants to read. If you initially had some growth but that seems to have stagnated, you may want to check to see if you’ve gotten out of touch with your audience.
Our tip: Ask yourself these questions to realign your perspective:

  • What are your competitors writing about?
  • Which of your posts are getting the most readers, and can you go more in that direction?
  • Which topics are your readers engaging with you about on social media?
  • Do I have an overall direction for the posts I’m writing?

2. You’re not making it easy to read more content.

When the right reader does land on your site, you want them to read more than just the post that brought them there. If the bounce rates on your blog pages are high, that means you’re getting readers but not getting them to engage.
Our tip: Encourage readers to dive deeper into the content by:

  • Crosslinking posts with each other
  • Adding a TOC at the top of posts in a series
  • Adding a “Related Content Widget” in the sidebar
  • Fine-tuning your end-of-page call-to-action to get readers to subscribe

3. You’re not getting readers to come back.

Organic traffic is the holy grail all marketers are looking for. But once someone has come to your site, why not turn them into a loyal reader?
Our tip: Make it easy to be a repeat reader by:

  • igning up readers for your newsletter
  • Posting links to new and “best of” content on your social media channels
  • Maintaining an RSS feed

4. Your site is a pain to use.

Readers will go a long way for quality content. However, sites that are difficult to use will turn readers away—there’s just too much content online to have to put up with a suboptimal reading experience.
Our tip: Put yourself in the reader’s shoes, and evaluate:

  • Does your site load quickly, or do readers have to wait?
  • Is the design clean, professional, and easy to read?
  • Do your pages have too much going on?
  • Does your website navigation make it easy for readers to take the next step?

5. You’re choosing quantity over quality.

Yes, a blog needs regular content to remain relevant. But when it comes to how frequently you should post, we’d say you should always side with fewer posts of better quality.
Our tip: Ensure you’re putting quality first by:

  • Aiming to cover topics definitively
  • Allowing yourself adequate time for research before you start writing
  • Planning out your content ahead of time to give yourself time to write

Not sure where to get started with fixing up your blog? One great first step is to get organized with the use of a content calendar. It just so happens that we have a free Content Calendar Template that you can download for your own use.
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