Five Steps to Social Media Domination

By: Jake

By now you should have given some thought to your social media domination, and decided which channels will suit your business well. These five steps will help to take you from a social media rookie to a power user in practically no time:

1. Set ‘em Up

You might have decided to hit the social media circuit hard, but you can’t get started until you’ve set up your accounts. Taking the relatively unexciting couple of hours to set up (or, if you already have them, rebrand) your social media accounts will enable to you to establish a consistent voice, import your contact lists, and will keep you accountable to yourself (once they’re set up, you kinda have to use them). We at Little Jack are big fans of interlinking different social media accounts to get the most mileage out of the content you produce, and this would also be a great time to do that.

2. Less is More

Some young, eager entrepreneurs take the word “domination” to heart and bombard their circles with droves of messages. If you feel like your followers should have at least two messages from you before they have their morning coffee, you’re probably overdoing it. Very few people in the world can keep up that rate and remain interesting, so ease up before your friends disown you and pace yourself a little.

3. But…More is More

While it’s important to keep No. 2 in mind, many more small businesses fall into the trap of what we like to call “the three month taper-off”. That is, excitement abounds when social media is new, but too many small businesses fail to keep up with it and let their profiles collect cobwebs in some dark corner of the web. Remember, truck drivers don’t get truck driver’s block, so there is no reason for you to get writer’s block. Treat social media seriously, as you would print advertising, and keep to a schedule.

4. Choose Your Friends Carefully

In the beginning, every new follower will get your heart racing and give your brain a little jolt of dopamine. And yes, your uncle Sal will compulsively “Like!” every one of your statuses. But your job isn’t done quite yet. Instead, you should make every effort to reach out to individuals and communities that represent and resonate with your brand. These followers have the influence to spread your brand far and wide, and connecting with them will maximize ROI for all the hours you’ve put into social media.

5. Mind the Boring Stuff

Personally, we love to geek out on analytics, though we suspect most normal business owners don’t share our sentiments. Nonetheless, keeping track of your online statistics on at least a monthly basis is crucial to playing the social media game well. Analytics will reveal weird things to you – maybe everyone is chattering on your Facebook wall but no one quite makes the conversion to your website – once you know these things, you can find the missing step, correct it, and become a social media expert.


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