All work and no play makes Little Jack sad. It’s time to shift those analytical thoughts from your left brain and begin the transition into the creative juices of your right brain. Our first two articles Redesign Your Website Like a Boss and How to Design a Website Before You Design the Website were meant to slow your creative process down and ensure you laid the groundwork prior to actually designing your website. We’ve scratched our heads, picked some brains, sifted through data, asked Google and alas came up with our top 6 tips for the creative design of your website to get and keep visitors.

    • Load Times – Ok, you may think this sounds analytical (and it is) but always keep in mind how your design will affect the load time of your website (assuming you are a designer and developer). According to this beautiful infographic from KissMetrics every second a website takes to load YOU LOSE 7% of your visitors. That means if a website takes 5 seconds to load as a result of large images, improperly optimized graphics, or bad code, almost 35% of visitors to your website will leave. If you are an ecommerce site this could result in a loss of thousands of dollars per year!


    • Main Colors – Over here at Little Jack, we never feel blue. Why? Because we are red! Full of excitement and intensity. But to be sure we don’t scare you away with all our raw emotional zazz we subdue the red with a neutral grey. Yes – Our website color scheme was intentional and yours should be too. Be aware of how the psycholoy of colors plays into your brand, your message, your content, and the objective of your website. You don’t want to anger already angered visitors.


    • Logo Design – Your logo summarizes your entire brand (if you don’t have one,get one). Incorporate and work your logo into your website design. Your logo doesn’t just go on the homepage – work your logo onto every page of our website, preferably in the header.


    • Declutter – A reason to ensure your design is “decluttered” is to think about how visitors are viewing your website. For example, if your website is cluttered with ads, images, and wild design a visitor to your website may have a very unpleasant (even frustrating) experience when visiting from a mobile device. A few techniques to stay decluttered are 1) prioritize your content by importance to your visitors and make sure this information is clear, 2) challenge and ask yourself “does this item/design/piece-of-information need to be on the website?” and 3) make your visitors life easier by clearly distinguishing between calls to action, content, and advertisements.


    • Main Image – Remember that term the “fold”? As the imaginary line (the fold) of content to be displayed above has become less important as a result of the range of monitor sizes and devices available the focal point of your design is still important. You may have noticed many designs and layouts are incorporating an oversized space for an image or message just below the header. A reason for this is your visitors don’t want to think. They want to get to your website, know what your website is about, and get the information they need as quickly as possible. Your website should not be a puzzle especially when it comes to the value you offer. If you make your visitors work too hard, they will leave.


    • Make your site stand out – It’s a thin line you walk between creative integrity and fitting in with the norm. Your visitors expect your website to do a few things which are: navigate easily; answer their questions; and ‘wow’ them with design. Push your right brain to the edge of creativity but remember why and for who you are designing your website.


    • Take these 6 tips, your creative genius, and get going!
    • Have more tips? Let us know what you think.

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