Social Media ROI Don’ts

If you’re the genius we expect you to be, you should by now know that there’s something called social media marketing, that your business needs to use it to keep up with the times, and that while measuring it presents some challenges, you have to do that too to ensure you’re getting the marketing results your company needs.
Because the path up the social media ROI is strewn with the bodies of lesser businesses (and their marketing companies), we come to the rescue yet again with some social media marketing DON’TS to keep in mind as you implement your strategy.


Get impatient — Social media isn’t about immediate direct sales. Well, at least that’s not its main goal. If you’re two weeks in and hordes of customers are not breaking down your front door, remain calm. Establishing a brand takes time. On the other hand, three months is a reasonable amount of time to observe changes, whether that’s increased brand recognition or increased audience engagement online.
Forget about non-customers — Building rapport with other companies can be just as valuable as reaching out to individual customers, because it can give you exposure to their entire social circle. Build mutually beneficial connections with other companies in your field, and you will benefit.
Lose accountability — we had a whole post on this, so you can bet it’s important. Because calculating ROI on social media is already tricky, keeping your marketing company accountable is of the utmost importance. Request the monthly progress reports to show them you are involved in the social media process and expect results.
Become a fan addict — We’ve been all over the web, and we can tell you this: the endless search for more fans is a dark alley you don’t want to find yourself going down. For some people, it’s a downright addiction. Try to keep in mind that an ever-growing follower base is not necessarily good ROI if those followers are not adequately engaged. A slightly smaller circle of very engaged fans is the alternative we’d prefer.
Get too serious — Sure, we’re measuring business results here, but the big secret behind social media is that to come out on top, it’s got to appear effortless. Always keep social media positive and lighthearted.
There you go. Avoid these pitfalls and your social media journey should go a lot more smoothly. Above all, stay the course. Though it has now been around for a few years, social media marketing is still a new field, and unexpected challenges arise all the time. We’ll be there to help you along the way. Join us next week, when we’ll summarize all our social media ROI tips in a handy infographic.
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