The Social Media Vacation

By: Jake

What do you do if, like most businesses out there, you’ve started a social media marketing plan and are getting lukewarm results? Whether you’re coming off as dull, crazy, or you’ve forgotten to update your page in six weeks, you might be realizing that this whole social media online presence thing might take some finesse after all. So what do you do? Conventional wisdom would indicate you should try harder, or maybe read more blogs about social media marketing. You know, you’re an entrepreneur. Tough it out.

Our advice? Take a vacation. That’s right… Leave. Beat it. Get outta Dodge.

Why You Should Go Away

Conventional wisdom dictates that the more time you spend away from social media, the more you’re eroding the online presence you’ve created. What this advice ignores is the fact that mediocre social media presence could sometimes be worse than no social media presence. If you don’t use social media, at least your customers might think you’re one of those cool rebel companies. But if you are online and you’re boring, people potentially ignore you or worse, find you annoying.

Trust us, the Internet will still be here in 2-4 weeks when you come back. Better yet, don’t hide the fact that you’re going away. Highlight your time off by announcing it to the world. This gives you the chance to play up the “reinventing ourselves” angle, plus you’ll look like you’re busy doing serious, business-y things.

Gone Fishin’

You should probably spend the majority of your social media vacation offline. Getting away from the constant buzz of the blogosphere can do wonders for helping you ignore public opinion and find your individuality. Get back to fundamental questions, like what the thing is that makes your business unique from everyone else in your field, and how to best communicate that online.

When in doubt, developing a fictional, larger-than-life, and charismatic character works well (but we wouldn’t know anything about that, because Jack is alive and well, somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere). Whatever you come up with, test the idea on some friends to judge their level of interest. It also wouldn’t hurt to go through our social media boot camp while on holiday.

The Comeback

There is no time limit for the social media vacation, with the stipulation that when you feel ready, your comeback will be epic. (But please, don’t use this post as an excuse to make this getaway from social media into a permanent vacation.) When you do come back, do it in full force, always keeping your new online “personality” in mind. You should be able to notice a difference in the public’s response relatively quickly, and fine-tune from there.

And be careful. If you let things slip again, you just might have to take another social media vacation. And we certainly wouldn’t want that, would we?

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