Using Your Brand Positioning Story to Generate Great Content (in 6 Steps)

One of the things we frequently see companies struggle with is the task of consistently generating great content. Regular, quality content is great both for increasing your audience base and for improving your SEO results, but it requires time, creativity, and good organization skills. Thankfully, one of the new services we offer, the Brand Positioning Story, offers a solution to this problem.
The Brand Positioning Story is a great idea because it’s the one document that at the same time explores and solidifies your brand. It’s like a longer company story, but one that helps you carefully think about your brand and come up with best practices. The Brand Positioning Story covers everything from customer demographics, to brand “tone”, to color schemes, to internal company values you’d like to be promoting.
As it relates to content generation, the Brand Positioning Story works on many different levels:

  1. It will help to identify your target customer demographic, and so, your ideal audience.
  2. Once you know what audience you’re writing for, the Brand Positioning Story will identify what type of content your company should be writing and curating. Just as valuable is deciding what type of content your company is NOT interested in, which will save you a lot of time when searching for content ideas.
  3. By aligning you with other, similar brands, the Brand Positioning Story will tell you which sources to look to when curating content, and which ones to avoid.
  4. The Brand Positioning Story will also outline the overall tone your company should use on your website and on social media, eliminating discrepancies and promoting brand consistency.
  5. The Brand Positioning Story will compile a list of content generation best practices for boosting engagement (calls to action, asking questions, etc.), which will give your staff the tools to use content as a lead-generation tool.
  6. Finally, based on the industry you work in and your marketing goals, the Brand Positioning Story will make recommendations on how frequently you should be positing original and curated content on various channels, complete with sample schedules you can use.

As you can see, the Brand Positioning Story can help with every step of the content generation process, from brainstorming, to writing, to scheduling. It’s a great way to gain an upper hand in the hyper-competitive online environment.
If you’re curious about what the Brand Positioning Story can offer your company, we’ll be happy to go over the specifics and share a sample of what your own Brand Positioning Story might look like. Our clients’ response to this new service has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re excited to share the incredible value offered by the Brand Positioning Story with as many businesses as possible.
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